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Title dispute? I am a Montana real estate attorney and top-rated trial lawyer

Title, broadly speaking, concerns the legal ownership of property and each one of the elements that together give someone the legal right to control and sell property.

An action to quiet title is a lawsuit to establish title to real property or personal property. Title disputes can include the right to sell property, the right to occupy property, the right to make specific uses of property, and the right to exclude persons from property.

Title disputes often arise from recorded instruments intended to convey or transfer rights to or in real property–a deed is a common example.

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If you have a real estate dispute, I have experience and skill that can help. Please call me or contact me using the contact form. I can evaluate your dispute and give you realistic experienced advice concerning your rights and obligations, the arguments that a party adversarial to you could reasonably be expected to make, the likely legal issues in your case, how a court could reasonably be expected to view your situation, and your options, including negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation.

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