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real ESTATE & LAND disputes

Are you involved in a real estate or land dispute? As an experienced Bozeman real estate attorney and top-rated trial lawyer, I can help

Although Montana is vast, disputes over real property and land are common. As a top-rated Montana trial attorney with decades of litigation experience,  I have skills that can help.

Protect your rights with an experienced property dispute attorney

You may have questions about easements, roads, access, covenants, title or boundaries. Get experienced legal advice about real property issues. Property disputes that I handle include

As a landowner, you should have reasonable access to your property. And as a landowner, you should expect to enjoy your property without intrusion or interference by other parties. 
• Roads
• Prescriptive easements

Restrictive covenants

Restrictive Covenants limit the uses that can be made of real property, sometimes unfairly. 

Quiet Title

Title disputes can  involve the right to sell property, the right to occupy property, the right to make specific uses of property, and the right to exclude persons from property. 

● Trespass
● Oral Agreements

The National Trial Lawyers
9.1Christopher D Meyer
The National Trial Lawyers
9.1Christopher D Meyer

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