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Easement disputes? As an experienced Montana easement attorney and top-rated trial lawyer, I can help

Easement disputes are among the most common, and heated, disputes that I see.

• As a landowner, you expect reasonable access to your property.

• As a landowner, you also expect to enjoy your property without intrusion or interference by other parties.

In Montana, many parcels of private property are situated away from public roads and to reach them, you must cross property that belongs to someone else. And that is how many conflicts arise. If you have an easement dispute, I have experience and skill that can help.

Common easement or access issues in Montana

As a buyer of real property,
you may find yourself faced with questions such as do you have the right to use an existing road to reach your property?

• Can your neighbor lock the gate on the boundary between your properties?
• Must your neighbor give you a key to a locked gate?

As the owner of real property, you may have questions such as

• Does your neighbor have the right to use a road across your property to reach his or her property?
• Can you lock your gate? Do you have to give your neighbor a key to the gate?
• Does your neighbor have an easement across your property?
• Can you insist that your neighbor use a different route across your property?
• What uses can your neighbor make of a road across your property?

Get legal advice from a skilled property dispute attorney

If you have a real estate dispute, please call or contact me using the contact form. If you have an access or easement dispute, I can evaluate your dispute and give you realistic experienced advice concerning your rights and obligations, the arguments that a party adversarial to you could reasonably be expected to make, the likely legal issues in your case, how a court could reasonably be expected to view your situation, and your options, including negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation.

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