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Estate dispute attorney, ready to help with contested will, trust and estate issues

If you have a will or trust dispute, then you can benefit from the advice of an experienced skilled attorney who can help you interpret the will or trust, anticipate how a court may interpret the will or trust, understand your rights, investigate the facts that are relevant to your situation, and advocate tenaciously on your behalf with other people and in court if necessary.

The interpretation of a will or trust can be challenging when, for example, the language expressing the intent of a person is unclear or when something unexpected has happened that was not contemplated. And sometimes, although the language of a will or trust seems perfectly clear, someone nevertheless challenges your reasonable understanding of the language. In those situations it may be necessary to have a court interpret the language.

The first steps are often simply to talk with you, understand what you want, and review the instrument in dispute, be it a will or trust and any other relevant documents.

Common questions about contested will, trust and estate disputes in Montana

• What did she (or he) intend to happen in her Will or Trust?
• Did she intend that a particular person receive money under her Will or Trust?
• Was she improperly influenced by another person in creating her Will or Trust?
• Was she improperly influenced when she changed her Will or Trust’s terms or beneficiaries?
• Was she competent when she created her Will or Trust?
• Was she competent when she changed some of its terms or beneficiaries?
• Is a trustee correctly following the terms of a will?
• Is a trustee correctly managing the assets of a trust?
• Has a trustee given an adequate accounting about a trust to a beneficiary?
• Can a trustee refuse to distribute monies to you?
• Is a particular person a beneficiary of a trust?

Get help from an experienced probate litigation attorney with your family inheritance dispute

If you have a dispute about a will, trust, or estate, I have experience and skill that can help. Please contact me. I have experience handling complex will, trust, and estate disputes involving grantors, settlors, testators, testatrixes, trustees, personal representatives, and beneficiaries.

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