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Business dispute? I am a Bozeman, MT Business Lawyer

I represent businesses and individuals who have been harmed by wrongful business conduct. Examples of business disputes that I handle include

• Breach of oral or written contract
• Unfair Business and Trade Practices
• Self-Dealing
• Commercial contract disputes
• Securities and brokerage litigation
• Partnership and shareholder disputes
• Corporate Officer and director liability
• Breach of fiduciary duty
• Commercial disputes involving real property
• Fraud
• Closely held corporations


Let CD Meyer Law Firm help

If you have a significant business dispute, I have experience and skill that can help. 

I can evaluate your situation and give you realistic experienced advice concerning your rights and obligations, the arguments that any party adversarial to you could reasonably be expected to make, the likely legal issues in your case, how a court could reasonably be expected to view your situation, and your options, including negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation.

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